Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ann Coulter blasts the kooks who protest outside the funerals for Americans killed in combat and claims that they ought to be found guilty of 'intentional infliction of emotional distress'.

And she ought to be careful about getting what she wishes for. While she suggests that her commentary would be safe, those on the receiving end of her commentary might not agree that making comments on TV is somehow that different from protesting outside a funeral home... there's nothing to prevent them from claiming that her comments were just as hurtful to them as the kooks protests were to the families of the dead servicemen.

I don't really expect a lot of consistency from politicians... and Coulter is who I would call a politician without office. They all pretty much go with whatever seems to provide them with a partisan edge... even if it is wildly at odds with their previous statements... or even if the not-so-slippery slope leaves them exposed.