Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whoa, people, slow down, this isn't the thugocracy taking aim or the empire striking back at companies who dare to disclose the incredible expenses Obamacare imposes on them...

No, if you bother to read the letters sent out by Waxman and Stupak, it reveals that our elected officials are genuinely concerned that they may have missed something. They believe (if you take them at their word) that Obamacare was supposed to SAVE billions of dollars, so they obviously were taken by surprise when company after company after company announced that they were taking hits to their income statement and balance sheet.

And like good elected officials, when they see a constituent in trouble, they rush to the rescue. I have no doubt that once the CEOs of these companies testify in front of Congress about the devastation that Obamacare is wreaking on their financial position, showing Congress just how badly Congress missed the boat with its estimation of the impact of Obamacare, Congress will waste no time repealing Obamacare.