Monday, March 08, 2010

In criticizing insurance companies who place profits ahead of people, Obama provides a perfect example of why I so dislike liberals: the constant demand that other people bear the cost of doing something so liberals can feel good about themselves.

Companies are supposed to focus their efforts on making profits, doing anything else takes money out of the pocket of the company's shareholders and without their permission. If a company's shareholders want to take money out of their pocket for whatever reason, then they can decide to do so either collectively or individually. But it is NOT for a liberal to dictate that they do so no matter how much the liberal thinks it a good idea (nor is it right when management does things that make themselves feel good at the expense of shareholders).

And there are plenty of other examples. Limiting what homeowners can do to their property in the name of 'preservation'. Forcing banks to lend money to uncreditworthy borrowers. Forcing everyone to pay higher prices for milk and sugar and other commodities in order to subsidize farmers. Forcing everyone to pay more for energy so they can feel environmentally pure.