Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Washington Post liberal columnist Ruth Marcus (probably unwittingly) illustrates the liberal hypocrisy that seeks to deny to others the rights they want for themselves.

In this case, it's Marcus pushing for such 'family friendly' workplace laws that would in effect keep employers from firing employees who didn't reliably show up for work... while at the same time she's getting nice and ready to fire her own babysitter for not showing up to work reliably enough.

Yes, working parents often have demands on the home front that conflict with their ability to show up at work when they're supposed to show up at work. But that doesn't mean that the employer should have to absorb the cost of accommodating the worker's conflicts. The employer and employee enter into an arrangement: show up for work as agreed, do the job as agreed and get paid as agreed. The employer shouldn't have to accept less from the worker any more than the worker should have to accept less from the employer.

But that is what Marcus wants, for the employer to shoulder the burden of accommodating the worker's home life... unless of course, if the employer is Marcus and her babysitter's conflicts cause a problem for Marcus... in which case Marcus wants to be able to fire the worker and go find someone else who would be more reliable. Marcus should be able to fire the babysitter... just as every employer ought to be able to fire an employee who wasn't living up to the terms of the agreement.

Yes for me, but not for thee.... the mantra of liberals everywhere.