Monday, February 01, 2010

To me, the issue with Obama's budget with its $1.6 TRILLION deficit isn't the deficit per se, but rather that we get so little for it.

It would be one thing to run up a deficit if it was done in order to accomplish something worthwhile... but it isn't.

The $1.6 TRILLION, and for that matter, a good chunk of the over $3 TRILLION in total spending, goes to pay for things I don't consider worthwhile at all. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Waste of money, it does nothing to improve our national security (the Taliban in Afghanistan isn't coming to America to blow up shopping malls). Aid to schools? Waste of money, I don't believe a single kid will be any smarter tomorrow than if that money wasn't spent. Funding of museums, national parks, aquariums and the like? A use of money that isn't available and for a purpose that ranks way way way down on the list of things I'm concerned about. Funding for NPR and the NEA and so on? A total waste of money, a huge subsidy for something that very few people care about at all and even fewer to the point where they'd willing to pay for the news and entertainment. Funding for roads and airports and mass transit? Not only it is money that isn't available but it is also something that should be directly funded by the users of the roads, airports and mass transit. Social Security? Way too expensive, it should be scaled back to provide a floor to those in need and in need not of their own making and not as a supplement to those with pensions and retirement funds and not to those who passed on the opportunity to establish and fund their own pensions and retirement funds. Medicare and Medicaid? Same thing, these programs need to be scaled back to provide a basic level of emergency medical care and not for replacement hips and electric wheelchairs and the like. Defense spending in general? Way too much for what we get, way too many chiefs, not enough competent indians, way too many facilities and way too many different and expensive weapons programs. Congressional and White House spending? My god, that needs to be cut and dramatically so, no more overseas travel, cut half the staffs and all of the entertaining budgets. Funding for the UN and international aid? Cut it out, almost all of it, if foreigners think so little of us, let them do without our money. Government workers? Way too many and way overpaid, freeze both staffing levels and pay levels, cut way way way back on their pension commitments.

So when you hear somebody complain on TV about how hard it is to cut spending, just point them to this post... cutting spending ain't hard, it is just that they don't have the b***s to do it.