Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's nice being proven right...

... that climate change wasn't all that it was cracked up to be (and to the clown who went around making bets that the world was getting warmer, how do you feel right now?).

... that Obama was not only oh-so-unprepared to be President but also on the wrong side of the issues from the American people.

... that Obama mistook his victory for a popular mandate in the same way Bush II viewed his beating John Kerry.

... that Allan Iverson was actually a net minus for the teams he played on.

... that while Bush might have been able to 'stabilize' Iraq, doing so would do absolutely nothing to improve our national security.

... that there was no way the 'international community' would do much of anything to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

... that Keith Olbermann was a complete - and mostly unwatched - jerk.

... that Tiger Woods is a heck of a golfer but just not a nice person.

... that Nancy Pelosi is one of the dumber people who ever became Speaker.

... that the Saints winning the Super Bowl won't do much of anything to improve the lot of people in New Orleans (okay, this one hasn't yet been proven, but it will, like the ones above, it is just a matter of time).

... that the country will be better off without the likes of Ted Kennedy, Patrick Kennedy and John Murtha in Congress.

Yeah, I know, I haven't always gotten things right. I certainly didn't forecast that Obama would drive a shaky economy even further into the toilet. But it is nice to see that positions I took that were at the time counter to popular wisdom have been proven correct.