Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm not questioning the accuracy of Hillary Clinton's claim that Iran is becoming a "military dictatorship".. but I do wonder who she is directing her comment at and what she hopes to gain?

Does she hope someone will notice and be impressed by her insight and support her where they previously have refused? Does she think some other government who was previously non-supportive of American policy vis-a-vis Iran is now going to support us? Does she think that the Iranian people are going to be even more upset at their rulers?

It seems that her comments fall into the category of 'duh', I don't see anything changing as a result. The countries that are opposed to sanctions are still going to oppose sanctions. The countries that have grudgingly supported American policy aren't going to be any more enthusiastic than they were thinking that Iran was run by a bunch of Mad Mullahs.

She may be right... but so what?