Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Political pundits can go on and on and on for why Obama is sinking in the polls but there is - as Occam's razor would suggest - a simple explanation.

America thinks of its President as a repairman, hired to 'fix' the problems that exist at the time. Unfortunately for both Obama's ratings and the American public's pocketbooks, Obama hasn't fixed much of anything. Not only that, he hasn't given anybody the impression that he will be fixing much of anything in the not-too-distant future. And not only that, the problems he seems to be trying to fix aren't the problems America wants fixed.

Unsurprisingly, when one hires a repairman to fix something and the repairman goes off on some combination of (1) failing to fix the problem he was hired to fix, (2) trying to fix things the customer doesn't think are in need of fixing, and (3) coming up with totally off the wall ideas for fixing the problems the customer wants fixing, the customer is going to have second thoughts about the wisdom of having hired that repairman.

And that pretty much describes what is happening. Obama was hired to fix the economy and keep us safe... but the economy ain't been fixed and we sure as heck don't feel safer. He wasn't hired to federalize health care... but that's where he has invested a lot of time. To the extent he has paid attention to fixing the things we want fixed, his proposals - on the economic front, by the stimulus and bailing out GM and Chrysler and going after banks, and on the national security front, treating terrorists like common criminals, toadying up to villains of the world - haven't impressed us.

And when America doesn't get their problems fixed, we turn our fury on the guy who ran for the office pledging that he would be the guy who fixed everything.