Sunday, January 24, 2010

Obama campaign adviser David Plouffe was just brought into the White House to help in the wake of the Democrats losing what is called Ted Kennedy's Massachusetts senate seat... and he wastes no time offering up his solutions in today's Washington Post.

And to which I think: if this is the best thinking the Democrats have, the country is going to have some bad times ahead and the Republicans are going to have a very good November.

Let's start with his number one piece of advice: pass the health care bill. He describes the current plan (but, curiously, without saying exactly which of the competing plans he is referring to) as a 'good plan'. Someone ought to explain to him that any plan that is disliked by as many people as this plan is is, by definition, not a good plan. Not only that, but he exhibits the annoying characteristic found in most liberals that the public is just too stupid to think through things themselves, in Plouffe's world, the only reason the public dislikes the plan is because we've been scared by the likes of Sarah Palin saying things that just aren't true. To Plouffe, it is impossible that we've looked at the plan(s) and concluded that whichever version the Democrats push is going to raise our premiums and taxes and lower the quality of care we receive.

His next points are no better. He wants to show that government can 'create' jobs. He, like so many of the Obama Administration, probably never having any significant experience in the private sector (and lobbying for the government doesn't count, you're still working for the government) somehow thinks the government can create jobs. It doesn't and most people - at least those outside government - know that.

He wants to trumpet how much good the stimulus plan did for America. Like his views of Obamacare, he has a view that is odds with most of America, which properly concludes that the stimulus did little. But, unwilling to concede that perhaps he has made a mistake, he concludes that we're the idiots, that we have been unable to see what he sees.

And his list goes on. He wants to fight back against charges that Obama has run up incredible deficits by arguing that Bush ran up deficits as well. For a supposed political pro, he somehow misses the point that the public is upset about spending and they're not going to give Obama a pass, we want to see spending cut - and not just on the margins. We know spending went up with Bush, which is one of the reasons McCain isn't in the White House. But Plouffe seems stuck thinking that screaming 'it's not my fault' is going to work. We don't care who's fault it is or was, we want to see spending go down, and we're going to punish whomever doesn't address the issue.

And finally, he thinks the key is running 'great campaigns'. Yeah, that's the ticket, put a pretty ribbon on a bunch of junk and you'll have us all excited. It's a nice twist that the adviser to the candidate who made some nice points with his crack about 'putting lipstick on a pig' is himself advising that candidate to 'put lipstick on a pig'.

If that's the best the Democrats have, I almost feel sorry for them. Okay, I don't. But they are pretty pathetic. It's a shame so many people took so long to realize it. But at least they finally did. It's a start.