Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's see, guy is hired to a top position, guy not only fails to do the job as well as expected, he doesn't even do as good a job as his immediate predecessor, guy is fired after just months on the job, guy walks away with $40 million golden parachute... with nary a peep of complaint from Washington liberals.

Then we have someone hired to do a job, by all accounts meets the expectations of the job but has compensation slashed, exercises provision in employment contract to resign and receive somewhat less than $4 million in severance... and Washington liberals are aghast (and yes, despite the (R), Grassley is a liberal).

The former: Conan O'Brien.

The latter: Anastasia Kelly, former counsel at AIG.

If there ever was a textbook example of paying a failure a lot of money to go away, it's Conan O'Brien. It is going to cost NBC a bunch of cash to free themselves of the ratings albatross that is O'Brien. And there isn't any complaining over O'Brien collecting money despite having failed spectacularly to produce the ratings he was supposed to produce. But.... no one is complaining about O'Brien getting money, the only complaints are about how mean NBC is in not letting O'Brien stay on the air with his lousy ratings.

NBC, through its corporate parent, GE, received federal support... so where is the complaining about selfish O'Brien getting a bunch of money even though he was (partially) responsible for losing millions for his company? (compared to the money NBC would have made had O'Brien's ratings no sucked).