Thursday, January 21, 2010

In politics, there is both what one wants to do and what one can do, and what one thinks about an issue and what one says about that issue...

Obama and the Democrats aren't giving up on their dream of nationalizing health care. They may finally acknowledge that they don't have the votes (after months of maintaining in public that they do) to pass Obamacare, and they may accept some watered down 'compromise' but that in no way should make anybody relax and think that the Democrats aren't still determined to enact something far to the left of what the public is willing to accept.

The question is how they're going to go about it. Are they going to use the regulatory machine to enact what they don't have the legislative votes to do like they've done with having the EPA regulate carbon? Will they attempt to use the courts to achieve through judicial ruling what they don't have public support for?

I don't know but I do know that zealots don't renounce the faith upon encountering a few roadblocks... they remain true to the cause and they try to find some other way of getting what they want.