Friday, January 22, 2010

Acknowledging that I am a Leno fan, I nonetheless want to take some shots at some of the silly commentary coming from the O'Brien side...

Yes, his staff is out of jobs and, yes, many of them had moved to Los Angeles from New York. But if they hadn't moved, they would have been out of jobs a lot earlier.

And how can they claim the show had such great fan support in light of the fact that the ratings - the cold, objective measurement of support that they are - were not very good?

And why be upset at NBC? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to get mad at the guy who pushed for the 11:35 time slot only to fail to deliver the viewers? (hint: it's O'Brien). Did these people think that NBC had an obligation to pick the guy with the lower ratings over the guy with higher ratings?

But my favorite complaint is from the fan who likens O'Brien getting fired to "everybody has been in a job and been put in a position and then been kicked to the curb because [the bosses] decide 'I like this guy better." Yeah, that's it, the bosses picked Leno for no good reason at all, they just 'liked him better'. Isn't this more a case of the Peter Principle at work? O'Brien did fine work at 12:30, he wanted the promotion, he got the promotion, he proved unable to handle the new job, he got fired.