Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Isn't it a tad odd that Obama thinks more highly of our military than do some conservative supposed pro-military commentators?

Obama is confident that our guys can wrap things up in Afghanistan in just a bit over a year and a half and hand off control to the Afghan Army.

Contrast that strong sign of support with the lack of support from people like Ralph Peters, the writers at National Review and other voices from the right. Despite their long-standing reputations for being pro-military, they actually have so little confidence in our soldiers, marines and airmen that they not only won't agree in public that eighteen months is plenty of time to do the job, they're not even willing to commit to a date by which they feel the military can accomplish its mission.

It's as if they, having been asked how long it will take, answer 'who the heck knows, it could take years and years'. And they criticize Obama for being not supporting the military... what chutzpah.