Thursday, December 03, 2009

A frequent claim from the right is that newspapers are having trouble because of their liberal slant on the news, that the drops in circulation and advertising is a result of newspapers having driven away their conservative readers.

Well then, how does one explain the conservative Washington Times having to retrench (i.e., lay off a bunch of staff) in what its rival describes as a 'bid for survival'?

As I've said before, newspapers are having trouble for reasons that have very little to do with their editorial viewpoints. They're losing readers because those readers can now get free from other sources the information they used to have to pay money to get from their local newspaper. People no longer need a newspaper to scan the job listings, classifieds, movie times or sports scores. And newspapers are losing advertisers and advertising revenue because advertisers are infatuated with advertising on the Internet, and not because advertisers don't want to advertise in a liberal publication.