Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I hate that the rules prevent Navy Seals from punching a terrorist in the mouth. I think getting punched in the mouth is the minimum a terrorist responsible for killing Americans ought to receive upon being captured.

But I also don't like it when soldiers/sailors/airmen ignore the rules and if they are found to have violated those rules they deserve to be punished.

For better or worse - and in my opinion, it is usually for the worse - the men in the field don't get to establish the rules by which they fight our enemies. I hate it that our guys are put in greater risk because of rules that limit their ability to fight back.

But these guys know the rules when they signed up. They agreed to follow the orders they are given. Subordinates aren't allowed to pick and choose which orders they want to follow and which they don't. They either follow the rules or they get out or they get punished.