Monday, November 09, 2009

The dog not barking.... Chapter too many to count.

A continuing series documenting the number of times the GOP fails to take advantage of the opportunities their opponents give them.

For example, Obama fails to attend the celebration of the collapse of the Berlin Wall... and who on the GOP rose to the podium to criticize him for having time to speak with our enemies but not for celebrating victories over Communism?

Or how about Obama making derogatory comments aimed at those protesting against Obamacare? He's gotten criticized by right-leaning bloggers, but who among the elected Republicans rose to criticize Obama? Right, no one.

Or Obama's inappropriate use of the shootings at Fort Hood to encourage Democratic Representatives to vote for Obamacare?

Or the Obama Administration's use of bogus numbers to justify its stimulus?

To quote Bob Dole, where is the outrage?

The GOP can't expect people who don't follow the minutia of politics to pick up on this stuff out of thin air, they need to jump in front of some microphones and start writing some newspaper op-eds.

To mangle a metaphor, it's as if the GOP is at bat, Obama is floating softballs down the middle of the plate and the GOP not only isn't hitting the ball out of the park, they're not even swinging.

And not only is the GOP not stepping up to the plate, they've got RNC head Michael Steele acting like an idiot. Even if what he says is true, what good does it do the GOP for Steele to bring it up?