Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Did Obama actually say the killings at Fort Hood were "incomprehensible"?

Per the dictionary, incomprehensible means, as one might think, unable to be understood... so I have to ask, how stupid is Obama if he can't understand what happened?

A nut went off and killed 13 people and wounded more than thirty others. What part of that is incomprehensible? That nuts kill people? That sometime nuts are able to kill a bunch of people before they're stopped?

Or is Obama referring not to the act itself but rather the motivation(s) of the nut? Sorry, move along, there's nothing here that is incomprehensible. Whether he was driven by (in no particular order and without endorsing any) radical Islam, fear of being shipped overseas, vicarious PTSD, the alleged hazing he received as a Muslim or anything else, again, what is so incomprehensible about those?

There is NOTHING incomprehensible about any of this. I know it and the soldiers at Fort Hood who had the 'honor' of listening to Obama know this. They might have been surprised that it happened, but they have no problem understanding what happened... and with more information, they'll have no problem understanding why it happened.

Jeez, for a guy who's supposed to be the cat's meow when it comes to eloquent speeches, sometimes Obama - even with TOTUS present - just really screws the pooch.