Thursday, October 15, 2009

What was Dave Checketts thinking when he approached Rush Limbaugh and invited him to join the ownership group angling to buy the St Louis Rams?

Was he not aware of the special place Limbaugh has in the hearts of racial troublemakers? Was he not aware that the number one fantasy among liberals is that Limbaugh gets caught with a young boy in a hotel room? Was he not aware that Donovan McNabb would likely try to get even for Limbaugh having the temerity to claim that McNabb is only a so-so quarterback?

Was Checketts thinking that Limbaugh's involvement was going to go unnoticed? And with no objection?

Presumably Checketts is a smart guy (why else would guys with money agree to back Checketts?), so presumably he was aware of Limbaugh's reputation among liberals... and presumably he was aware that liberals don't fight fair... and he went ahead anyway and invited Limbaugh to join in... only to drop Limbaugh at the first sign of complaints from the likes of Sharpton and noted civic treasure Bob Irsay (the last I read, Irsay doesn't command a big following among other owners, he ain't no Art Rooney). What a wuss.

Note: I don't much like Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder (not, as is the case with most of DC, because of his lousy record with coaches, draft picks and free agents, but rather because he comes across as a pompous asshole), but I give him credit for not backing down in the face of complaints from some negligible number of Indians that the Redskins name is divisive.