Monday, October 19, 2009

The Washington Redskins lost another game to a previously winless team and, predictably, the natives have gone on the warpath...

And I am here to mock and laugh at them.

These people have to have a screw loose to act the way they are. Sitting in the stands with a paper bag on your head? Screaming that the owner needs to go? Getting upset over how a bunch of strangers play football?

Stupid... and for more than one reason.

First, getting upset over how a bunch of strangers play football is ridiculous. And yes, the players are strangers. The players don't know the fans and the fans don't know the players. Yes, the fans know who the players are but they don't know them. There is no more of a reason to care about the outcome of a Redskins game than a game played by a bunch of other strangers on the Mall. So they suck... so what?

The outcome of the game has absolutely no impact on the lives and finances of 99.9% the so-called fans, so how in the world can people rationalize getting upset over something that affects them not in the least? Geez, these people get less upset over things that do matter - like taxes, health care reform, schools and the war in Afghanistan - than they do over something pathetically insignificant like the win-loss record of the football team which happens to play half its games somewhere in the area of where these people live.

Another point: the players provide entertainment... and the general rule of entertainment is not to go if you don't think it is going to be any good. I don't like Quentin Tarantino movies so I don't go to them; it would be ridiculous for me to go and be predictably disappointed, yet Redskins fans go week after week, year after year, even though they and most rational observers predict that the entertainment provided that week is going to suck. They think they're showing loyalty when in fact they're showing that they're suckers. How many times does Lucy pull the ball away before these 'fans' realize the entertainment they're going to see isn't going to live up to their expectations? With Redskins fans, the answer is apparently week after week after week... and they spend a lot more time and money doing so than I would going to a movie that I didn't think was going to be any good. Note: I am excluding from criticism on this point those who go to the games because the team is bad and they're doing the equivalent of going to a NASCAR race to watch the wrecks.

And is there any better way of engraving an 'L' on the middle of one's forehead than going to the game and wearing a bag over your head or a shirt with some sort of derogatory language?

Next, yelling for the owner to be replaced is a waste of breath and sign that these fans don't live in the real world. There is no real provision by which an owner can be forced out... and certainly not by fans disappointed in the team's record. While Redskins owner Daniel Snyder probably would prefer to be liked rather than mocked, he ain't going to sell the team because fans don't like him. Nor is he going to do anything different because the fans and sportswriters don't like what he's done; he's doing what he thinks will result in a winning record and if he changes course, it will because he has decided that a change of course is necessary to produce a winning record and not because some number of sportswriters are crying for him to back off. And even if Snyder was somewhat responsive to fan sentiment, why would he
do anything different when the fans keep showing up and keep buying team merchandise?

Finally, what kind of screwed up thinking has Redskins fans feeling like they're entitled to go watch a team with a winning record? (I presume this is their attitude given how upset they are when the team doesn't win) Most of them spend nothing more than a few hours a week watching the team on TV and reading about them in the paper, they're not paying any money, they're getting their entertainment for free. How does that entitle them to anything? Getting pissed off at people who give you something for free is terrible manners; when one is given a gift that isn't to one's liking, one doesn't scream and shout at the gift giver.