Monday, October 05, 2009

There's at least one conservative who is happy that Chicago didn't win the Olympics... me!

Although Obama isn't accepting responsibility for Chicago losing the bid, he certainly would have tried to take credit had Chicago won... and he would have tried to parlay that dubious claim into an argument that we should therefore support his domestic policies... and anything that keeps him on the defensive domestically is all right by me.

It likewise gives Michelle Obama a figurative black eye. She makes this 'huge sacrifice' going to Copenhagen, she makes a speech that is all about her... and all she gets is a bunch of useless "Chicago 16" t-shirts. Like with her husband, anything that pops their ego even a little bit can't be all that bad.

But most important, hosting the Olympics is a financially terrible idea. They lose money. They result in lots of stuff that isn't needed getting built. They result in lots of hassle for the people who live in and around the host city.

Furthermore, the Olympics long ago lost their innocent appeal (at least to me). Once upon a time, I admired the concept and the competitors. But the competitors are no longer amateurs, they're all pretty much high paid professional athletes. And while I don't mind watching high paid professional athletes (I am watching Green Bay and Minnesota as I type this), I dislike the facade, the pretense that these Olympic athletes are somehow special because they're competing in the Olympics... and being held in Rio means the news coverage will be slightly less frantic and extensive than if they were being held in Chicago... and anything that lessens the hype is all right by me.

So is it any reason I am glad? It's a win-win-win for me, a loss-loss for the Obamas.