Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The reason right wing media sensation Rush Limbaugh can be forced out as a potential owner of an NFL team while left wing media sensation Keith Olbermann can keep showing up on NBC's NFL show can be summed up simply as: liberals raise a stink, conservatives complain quietly.

As we've seen this week, liberals play for keeps and they don't take prisoners. When they get a conservative in their sights, everything is fair, up to and including making up quotes.

Conservatives on the other hand, do nothing. They might complain among one another, but they don't turn off NBC rather than listen to Olbermann... and they certainly don't complain to NBC, they don't stop watching NBC's other shows and boycott NBC's advertisers.

For whatever reason, liberals long ago decided that the stakes were big enough, that the negative consequences of having conservatives run things were so bad that it justified just about anything that could help liberals and screw with conservatives. Forget about consistency, don't worry about contradicting statements made just a few short months ago, go ahead and violate every standard of journalistic integrity that ever existed, use college papers written 20 years ago to discredit opponents, go ahead and do to conservatives what they would never want done to themselves or their friends... all is okay in war, and the Democrats definitely view this as war.

And for some reason, conservatives just aren't as motivated to win as are the liberals, they just don't seem to worry as much about the damage liberals will do to the country, they aren't playing for keeps. It's ironic that the party that prides itself for seeing the world as it is and not as we'd like it to be is so willing to act as if the Democrats were playing by the same rules as they are.

As I've said before, the Democrats will keep going until the Republicans start fighting as hard - or harder - as the Democrats are doing. Conservatives need to punish liberal celebrities, they need to punish companies that promote and advance liberal causes. They need to be willing to do to Democrats what the Democrats are so willing to do to them.

And when they do - if they ever do - then perhaps the Democrats will realize it is time to scale back the vindictiveness and cheap demonizing of their opponents... sort of a Mutual Assured Destruction of politics. It only works if both sides believe their opponents are willing to go to the limit... and right now, the Democrats have no reason to believe the Republicans are willing to do so... so they'll keep using the same tactics for the simple reason.... that they work.