Friday, October 16, 2009

Ok, so some know-it-all school superintendent doesn't want to reduce the Eagle Scout's suspension for having a pocketknife in a survival kit locked in a car parked in a school parking lot... but where is the school board in all of this?

Last I checked, school superintendents report to an elected (or, in some cases, appointed by other elected officials) school board. They're fully capable of over-riding the school superintendent and ordering him to lift the suspension... and firing him if he doesn't comply.

Something that too often gets lost in discussions of public education is that administrators and teachers work for us. We've hired them to teach our kids the way we want them taught. If the parents don't want Latin taught, then Latin ought not be taught. But way too often, the administrators and teachers act is if they should be the ones who get to make the decisions... and it is lazy parents who let them get away with it.