Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Obama told employees of the National Counterterrorism Center that he was going to give them "the tools and support you need to get that job done here at home".

Assuming they don't already have all the tools they need, as that would make Obama's comment more than a little misleading, what tools is he planning on giving them?

Is he planning on relaxing the rules regarding monitoring telephone conversations and supporting the telecom companies who in the past cooperated with the government against the idiotic litigation filed by our enemies?

Is he planning on allowing 'enhanced interrogation' of suspected terrorists and offering support to the interrogators?

Is he planning to allow the FBI and other agencies to more aggressively target and infiltrate Muslim groups and support the agents against shrieks they were 'profiling' Muslims?

It's one thing to claim that you support X or Y, but the proof of support is not found in the words promising the support but in the action of actually providing that support. Right now, and I suspect, for the indefinite future, all Obama is offering is words. He's good at it, real good. But he's AWOL when it comes to backing up his words.