Monday, October 26, 2009

The Marine Corps Marathon was run yesterday and, as is always the case, the overall winner was a guy and the fastest-finishing woman finished a bit later (70th overall). One might think that the Washington Post might choose to put a picture of the overall winner on the front page with pictures of other notable finishers on inside pages and in the Sports section.

But... that would lead to a bunch of angry women writing in to complain that the Post doesn't give women's sports the same coverage that it does to men's sports. They complain, for example, when the Post gives more prominence to the University of Maryland men's basketball team than to the women's basketball team (yes, the women have lately had better teams, but the men draw more far fans than the women).

And with circulation (and profits) continuing to drop, the last thing a newspaper editor wants to do is piss off readers (who are becoming former readers more than non-readers are becoming readers).

So, hoping that guys won't complain (and cancel) to the same extent as do women, they put the woman on Page 1 and run a smaller picture of the guy on the front page of the Sports section.

A business decision that meshes nicely with their politically correct souls. A win-win.