Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ignore the Obama Administration claiming that talks with Iran are going well... And I'll demonstrate using nothing more than basic common sense.

Imagine someone doing something you don't like. They know you don't like it but continue doing it anyway. You meet with them and walk away claiming that they're going to change their behavior.

What must have taken place during this meeting to achieve that outcome?

Here are the only things that could change the dynamic:

* You credibly threaten them if they don't change their behavior with a penalty that would hurt them more than whatever pleasure they receive from the disputed behavior.

* You offer them some kind of a reward to stop the behavior, a reward that gives them more than whatever pleasure they receive from the disputed behavior.

* They convince you that you should stop complaining about their behavior.

The first option didn't happen. Obama isn't willing to do anything to Iran that would so hurt Iran that Iran would give up its nuclear program. And even if Obama was willing, he doesn't have the support from China and Russia to do anything at all, let along anything serious. And even if Obama was willing and had support, there is no way Iran would believe that was the case.

Nor did the second scenario happen. I can't think of anything Iran wants more than nuclear weapons. What could Obama offer Iran that would be better than the benefits of having nukes? Did he offer to eradicate Israel for Iran?

And the third scenario is also a non-starter, at least for people with half a brain. What could Iran say to the United States that would convince us that we had nothing to fear or worry about, especially since these talks followed the disclosure that Iran had secret facilities? If Iran truly thought we had nothing to worry about, why go through the trouble of hiding everything?

Thus, the announcement that things were off to a good start was nothing more than a lie told to what the Obama Administration hopes are stupid people... for anyone with half a brain could easily see that no progress was made towards getting Iran to surrender their nuclear ambitions... tis a shame so few people seem to have that half a brain.