Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How could the Nobel Peace Prize, per some Obama supporters "... be the world's most prestigious honor" when only 5 Norwegians are on the committee that selects the winners?

In addition to wondering how a country with fewer people than Los Angeles gets to speak for the 'world', I am wondering how Obama's supporters can support the work of this committee? Liberals like to use the 'looks like us', 'reflective of the community' and 'diversity' arguments when advocating for increasing the number of minorities in the workforce and government... yet this committee looks nothing like the world as a whole. The 'world' is roughly 50-50 male-female, the committee is 80% female. The 'world' sure ain't as lily white as this committee which is comprised of five pretty pasty faced folks; how can the committee purport to speak for the 'world' when they look like, at best, no more than half of the 'world'? Nobody on the committee is under 49 years old; the last time I checked there are an awful lot of people in the 'world' who have yet to hit the half century mark. And while I can't tell from the available evidence, I doubt there are many Buddhists, Muslims, Jews or Hindus on the committee; with supposedly one out of every four people in the world being Muslim, how can a committee that has no Muslims come even close to speaking for the 'world'?

If the liberals were consistent, they would denounce the committee - and the awards it hands out - as being an anachronistic throwback to times when a bunch of white guys (and gals) tried to set the standards by which the rest of us were expected to follow. Aren't we past the point where we're supposed to accept the pronouncements of a bunch of white folks as gospel?

And yet, the liberals have offered nary a peep of criticism of the committee. They haven't - as the conservatives have - urged Obama to turn down the award. I can't put my finger on it, but it's almost as if there is different standard that is being applied....