Monday, September 28, 2009


The reason Obama has spent the better part of the eight months of his Presidency apologizing for America's 'sins' is not because he is anti-American or because he is ashamed of America. Nor does he really intend to reverse the substance of Bush's foreign policies...

The reason is that Obama wants the Olympics in Chicago.

And what better way to curry favor with the members of the International Olympic Committee than to show them how nicer America is since Obama took over from the despicable Bush?

It was pretty much a given that the IOC would rather give up their pampered lifestyle than award the Olympic Games to the United States while Bush was President. The members of the IOC have to play nice with the ruling elites of their home countries... the people who hate Bush and everything he represented and would have 'rewarded' anyone stupid enough to give the Olympics to the United States by yanking them off the committee.

And yet the IOC knows they make more money from games held in the US than anywhere else - advertising support is higher, TV rights fees are higher.

So the IOC was definitely in a tight spot: wanting the money needed to subsidize their lavish spending but not willing to thumb their nose of the political elites of their home countries.

Then along comes the anti-Bush (at least in public) Obama who goes out of his way to bash America and Bush... thus giving the IOC the political cover they need to award the games to Chicago.

Of course, this may leave a mark...