Tuesday, September 29, 2009

With the economy still not doing well... and Iran well on its way to building a nuclear bomb... and with there no strategy for Afghanistan... and with health care reform in disarray...

Obama decides to jet off to Europe to push Chicago for the Olympics.

Where oh where is the GOP on this? There aren't too many times when one gets an issue served up on a platter like this or being thrown a softball right down the middle of the plate... so where is the GOP blasting Obama for his misdirected efforts?

And even better, spending close to a million taxpayer dollars on his little mission?

C'mon GOP, speak up.... this ought to be worth another couple point drop in Obama's ratings... but only if you speak up.

And based on what I wrote last night, there's a good chance Obama might pull it off and land the Olympics for Chicago. And if he does, he's going to get a bump in the ratings... so it is even more critical that the GOP get out ahead on this, so any positive bump in his ratings is offset by critics pointing out that landing the Olympics is peanuts to fixing what ails America...

UPDATE: I guess Michael Steele blasting Obama is better than nothing....