Wednesday, September 16, 2009

While votes are votes and getting more votes leads to victory, the GOP needs to realize that there is a big difference between getting votes from people who are voting against incumbents as a means of expressing their dissatisfaction with the status quo and getting votes from people who genuinely support GOP policies.

The GOP definitely ought to cultivate and welcome voters who are p***ed off at the Democrats... but to maintain a long term hold, the GOP needs to have a platform that the public will buy into.

It is a bit akin to being the guy who happens to be around when the hot looking girl has a fight with her boyfriend because her boyfriend said something mean to her. If you want it to turn into anything more than a short lived rebound affair, you better figure out a way of getting her to like you for who you are... and not solely because of who you are not.

And that isn't happening with the GOP. The public is having some serious buyer's remorse with Obama and the Democrats... but the GOP has done very little to convince the public that the GOP's offerings are more to the public's liking.

Unfortunately, the GOP (as did the Democrats when Bush and the GOP were screwing things up a few years back) mistakes the public's losing affection for the incumbent Democrats as affection for the GOP. They think that because people are upset with Obama's policies that the public is endorsing GOP programs. But that isn't what is happening.