Thursday, September 10, 2009

When Bush was President, a fair number of people said he was responsible for Iran pursuing nuclear weapons... if only, they said, Bush had done X or Y differently, then Iran would have abandoned their pursuit of nukes and all would be well with the world.

So then how do they account for Iran's having (and I'm quoting) "rejected any compromise" with the West over its nuclear program? Don't the Mad Mullahs know Obama is the anti-Bush? Aren't they aware Obama has fallen over backwards showing them how nice and un-like Bush he is?

And yet the Mad Mullahs continue to do the same things that they did while Bush was in office? They're not willing to compromise? They're insisting on doing what they want, and regardless of whether doing so is something others don't like?

I'm not really expecting any of Bush's critics to acknowledge that Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons had nothing to do with the tone Bush took... or with whether there were bi-lateral or multi-lateral discussions... or with whether Bush shouldn't have included Iran in the 'axis of evil'... but I'm not holding my breath.