Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's a given that if a Republican candidate has some skeleton of sorts in their closet that the liberal media will not only discover said skeleton but will hammer the candidate with it... even if it is a decades old college paper.

So I'm not surprised that the Washington Post discovered Bob McDonnell's college thesis and pushed the theme that the thesis proves McDonnell to be unfit for office.

But... are there no skeletons in Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds' past? The guy has spent years in office and hasn't said or done anything that can be played up to make him look bad?

I know the MSM can't be counted on to investigate liberal candidates with the same enthusiasm as they have for derailing conservative candidates. But where are all the conservative bloggers? What about the conservative (relatively speaking) Washington Times? Fox News?

Deeds can't be as pure as Ivory soap. There has to be something out there, something in his past that would cause voters to have second thoughts about voting for him in six weeks.

C'mon guys, find it.