Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It shouldn't take a Princeton Professor to explain why Obama underestimated the opposition to his health care plans... and a Princeton Professor ought to be smart enough to recognize that telling Obama to use his 'bully pulpit' isn't going to work.

Obama's mistake was in thinking his election meant the country approved of what Obama wanted to do. How could they, when his winning was more of a repudiation of Bush and McCain than it was an endorsement of Obama? How could they, when Obama hid his liberalism and disguised his proposals in mushy feel-good moderate language?

By the way, this was the same mistake that Bush made in 2004 after defeating Kerry, when Bush mistakenly felt the people had endorsed him rather than declaring that Kerry was too much of a clown for them to vote for... a mistake that cost Bush when he pushed to reform Social Security

And because the people didn't support Obama's positions, then climbing the bully pulpit isn't going to work. No matter how eloquent he is, Obama is not going to be able to convince voters who aren't liberals to support liberal programs.