Thursday, September 10, 2009

I think Joe Wilson could have handled the apology angle a whole lot better than he did...

Here's the apology I would have written for Wilson:

"I am sorry, but I just wasn't able to sit and listen politely while our country's President made one false claim after another. America deserves to have a President who doesn't lie in order to advance his partisan agenda".

In other words, it wasn't Wilson's fault, Obama forced him to act impolitely.

By taking this road, Wilson would have ensured that the discussion didn't focus just on him... and later, on how magnanimous Obama was to accept Wilson's apology.

Obamacare opponents need to show America that Obama isn't telling them the truth... not when he claims that the program will be deficit neutral... not when he claims that illegals won't get subsidized care... not when he claims that abortion won't get paid for... not when he claims that everybody can stick with what they have.

And in order to do that, someone has to be willing to stand up and declare that the emperor has no clothes. Joe Wilson could have been that person... but he gave up that chance by taking the wimpy way out.