Thursday, September 17, 2009

I disagree with Andy McCarthy's view that "not much comment is warranted" about Nancy Pelosi's choking up over fears of political violence.

Whether accused of being racist by Jimmy Carter or accused of fomenting violence by Nancy Pelosi, the absolute last thing the GOP can afford to do is stay silent. It's not enough, as McCarthy seems to think, that some accusations are so lame that they can be ignored.

Accusing their political opponents of being racist, sexist and prone to violence is a staple of the left... and no such accusation can - or should - go unaddressed by the target of the slur.

And I don't want the GOP to go meekly and offer their usual tripe about how they're not prejudiced.... or offer some weak-a** 'sorry if anybody was offended by something we said'.

I want someone in the GOP to go Joe Welch on the Pelosis and the Carters, hitting them with the one-tow of 'have you no decency? How dare you slur us and the millions of people who we represent because we don't agree with you?'... and 'if you have any evidence that I am acting out of racism, then step up produce it... or STFU'.

And then the GOP needs to follow up by accusing the left of resorting to such despicable tactics because they can't defend whatever issue is being debated... whether it is health insurance reform now or affirmative action or whatever... and pointing out that just as the sun rises in the east, so too can the public expect to hear some liberal somewhere start cackling about right-wing racism... or violence... or greed. How nice would it be for the next time a liberal starts up along those lines for the public to starting thinking.... 'oh boy, there they go again'...

The reason the left resorts to such tactics is that they've learned it works... for far too long the right has shied away from confronting the left... and the public has taken note of the silence. Most people figure that if they were accused of something vile, they'd be in their accusers face, demanding that they retract and apologize... and when the GOP doesn't respond in the way the public thinks they would if they were innocent, then the public starts to wonder if there isn't some fire behind the smoke.

It is time - past time - for the right to stand quiet while being accused of racism and violent tendencies. It is time for the right to start acting like someone who has just been insulted.

And luckily - and somewhat to my surprise - some in the GOP are fighting back.