Friday, September 11, 2009

Here's a (scary) thought: are those in favor of Obamacare lying to the Census Bureau about not having health insurance in order to drive up the reported numbers of people without health insurance... with the hope that this artificially high number will tug on the emotional heartstrings of America and lead to public support of a program to provide health insurance to the millions upon millions of Americans that go without?

According to the Census Bureau, the number of uninsured Americans are derived from surveys in which people are asked if they have health insurance. And while the Census Bureau acknowledges the possibility of 'wrong answers' (page 3), there really isn't anything they can do to detect and correct for it when it comes to respondents lying about whether they have or don't have health insurance. It isn't as if the Census Bureau runs a match of respondents against the coverage lists of health insurance providers to confirm that they don't have coverage.

And while it is possible that an equal number of people without health insurance could lie and claim they do have it, I can't imagine why they would do so... unlike liberals who aren't averse to manipulating the process in order to get what they want.