Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A flood hits a major American city and the President is nowhere to be found.

So where is Obama as Atlanta struggles to deal with several feet of water? Is he on the scene? Monitoring the situation from the crisis desk at the White House? Has he responded to the request Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue made several hours ago for Obama to declare the area a federal disaster zone?

No, he's off gallivanting at the United Nations, close to a thousand miles away from the devastation.

Interesting that an American President would think that appearing at the UN was more important than the welfare of the people he represents.

And interesting, but not surprising, that NOT A SINGLE newspaper has taken Obama to task the way they did with Bush in the aftermath of Katrina. One might be inclined to infer from the lack of condemnation that the MSM no longer cares about flood victims... or is it that they only care about flood victims when it is a Republican President allegedly not doing enough?