Monday, September 21, 2009

Allow me to rain on the claim that 45,000 deaths per year are 'associated' with the lack of health insurance...

At least for the three examples cited in the article, one can just as easily associate stupidity with their deaths. Yes, it costs money to see a doctor (whether one has insurance or doesn't) but it is stupid to not see a doctor when one is sick. Nothing prevented them from going to a clinic and getting checked out, but they decided - all voluntarily - to save some money and run the risk that they had something that could kill them. They made a number of choices - not to take jobs that provided health insurance, to not buy insurance on their own, to not see a doctor when they fell ill - choices that turned out bad, and I'm supposed to feel so guilty that I should support Obama's preferred single payer health insurance program? Ain't happening.

And while I'm at it, the woman (the second example in the story) died from a undiagnosed heart problem. Yes, if she had seen a doctor who diagnosed the problem, she may not have died. But there isn't anything in the story that indicates that she was suffering from any symptoms that would have led to her condition being diagnosed. And lots of people with health insurance die from undiagnosed heart problems... and from cancer that isn't detected until it's too late... and from other undiagnosed problems. One can only treat what one knows about... and having insurance doesn't mean everything gets diagnosed.