Monday, September 21, 2009

According to Dave Matthews, "there's a good population of people in this country that are terrified of the president only because he's black".

Let's see, Obama got 53% of the vote, almost 67 million votes. Presumably, Obama being black didn't terrify these folks. And if any of these folks are now terrified of Obama, I'd argue it is because of his actions since becoming President... and not because they've all of a sudden decided that they really are scared of a black President.

And of the 58 million people who voted for McCain, keep in mind that Bush got 62 million votes back in 2004. Viewed another way, 62 million people voted against the Democrat four years ago when the Democratic nominee was about as pale as a white guy can be... so how does one infer racism into McCain's vote? Would Matthews really argue that even fewer people would have voted for McCain but for Obama being black?

And of the millions of people who didn't vote, how terrified could they be of a black President if they didn't even get off their butt to vote against him?

Let's look at this issue from a different perspective: are there really any Americans who would like what Obama is doing but for the fact that he is black? Are there any people who could be expected to support a huge expansion of federal government power but are opposed only because the black guy is in charge? Anybody who would want the federal government to take over GM and Chrysler but only if there was a white guy in the White House? Anybody who would otherwise support bending over for the likes of Russia, Iran and North Korea, but is terrified if Obama is the one doing the bending over?

Face it, the people who like what Obama is doing would like it no matter what color Obama is and the people who oppose Obama are doing so because they don't want any President doing what Obama is doing.

Reminds me of a line I once heard on a basketball court "I'm not saying you suck because you're black, I'm saying you suck because you suck".... and yes, there are some black guys who do suck at basketball.