Tuesday, August 04, 2009

With Obama moving to take credit for a supposedly improving economy, the GOP must respond - and quickly - to keep the American people from giving Obama credit for something he has had nothing to do with.

They need to ask Obama, if the economy is working, why are so many more people out of work than when he took office? And how can he say the economy is improving if companies are still dumping thousands of employees?

They need to point out that Obama's stimulus plan has accomplished nothing. They can point out that, notwithstanding Oregon's silly attempt to count temporary jobs as 'jobs' created' by the stimulus, we haven't gained much of anything. For added pleasure, they can point to the silly expenditures that have been made and ask Obama to explain how paying for offensive arts exhibits has improved the economy.

They can point out that Obama's rescue plans have also done nothing. They can point out that close to nobody has received mortgage relief. They can point out that Detroit is still laying off thousands of workers and idling plants. They can argue that the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on financial rescues is a cure worse than the disease.

Whatever they do, the GOP can not sit and let Obama take credit for (1) something that ain't happening and (2) something that his actions made worse.