Monday, August 31, 2009

Why do I have the feeling that the claim by Obama's National Security Adviser that the Obama Administration has put more terrorists out of commission than the Bush Administration is going to be about as hard to verify as the claims from Obama's economic advisers that Obama's stimulus package has created or saved millions of jobs?

Who needs a 'tally sheet saying (the Obama Administration) are killing more people, capturing more people than (the Bush Administration) did...' when you can just make it up? When you can just claim the 'numbers are going up'?

And did anyone else notice the Freudian (?) slip when Jones says Obama is discussing things with "other rulers"? Is that how Jones sees Obama, as a ruler? Or is it how Obama sees himself?

Or how, with one breath, he took exception to Cheney's complaint that Obama is taking steps that will make America less safe, then follows it up by pretty much acknowledging that Holder's pursuit of the CIA will 'have a chilling effect on the willingness of CIA officers to do what they are told to do'? Unless one thinks CIA officers contribute nothing of value, how can one think that their willingness to do their jobs isn't going to have a negative impact on our country's security?