Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Since the Obama White House is looking for tips on 'fishy' claims about Obama's health care package, may I suggest that we help them out.... by sending them excerpts of Obama's own claims?

After all, is there anything more 'fishy' than Obama's claims that ordinary Americans will be able to keep their current health insurance? Or how about his claim that there will be a net savings from implementing his plan? Or his claim that, despite evidence to the contrary, he isn't out to eliminate employer-provided health insurance?

Or his insinuation that ENTs are performing unnecessary tonsillectomies in order to pad their take home pay? Or his implying that we could all take the blue pill (or was it the red one?) and get just as well for half the cost... but for the evil greedy pharmaceutical companies?

With as many 'fishy' claims Obama has made, we ought to be able to keep the White House busy for quite a while...