Monday, August 17, 2009

Once the public option is in fact killed off, conservatives need to focus their attention on killing off the so-called 'individual mandate', where everybody is required to purchase health insurance (or pay a fee of some sorts in recompense for not doing so).

While the mandate might lower health insurance costs for others (as healthy individuals would likely pay more in premiums than they would incur in costs, the precise reason many choose to do without health insurance), having the government force people to buy something they don't want isn't a principle that can be found on any list of conservative principles.

And forcing people to buy health insurance isn't analogous to auto insurance. Car owners are only required to buy liability insurance to make sure other drivers are reimbursed if someone else is at fault, nobody is required to buy comprehensive coverage. Auto insurance is more analogous to vaccinations, where the justification for the program is not so much as to keep an individual kid safe as it is to keep other people from being infected by the kid who didn't get his shots.