Monday, August 24, 2009

It is a sign of just how screwed up some people are that reports that the CIA threatened terrorists to get them to talk has been met with such outrage.

Are the CIA's critics upset because they know the information gained from these terrorists was of no use? No, they don't know and, even more importantly, they don't care what information was gained from these interrogations.

Are the CIA's critics upset because they know the CIA could have gained the same information through other, more acceptable techniques? No, they don't know this, and any claims that the CIA could have gotten just as much - or more - information by using other techniques is nothing more than uneducated and uninformed guessing.

So let me put it in very straightforward terms: the critics would rather the CIA not gotten the information than to have gotten it via the methods that were used.

And they don't care that American lives were saved with the information. To them, treating terrorists with 'respect' is more important than gaining information that can be used to protect Americans from terrorist attack.

Some of these idiots make the claim that not using these techniques actually saves more American lives, as news of these methods being used only incites the terrorists to increase the level and intensity of attacks. But this claim is shot down by the irrefutable fact that terrorists already have all the incentive they need to attack us, they have attacked us long before they knew any such tactics were used, and they would have continued to try and attack us even if these tactics were never used.

To me, patriotism is placing the welfare of one's fellow Americans ahead of the welfare of everybody else. Protecting the lives of my friends and neighbors comes before ensuring that terrorists are treated nicely in prison.

Thus, there is only one word that comes close to describing those who would sacrifice American lives as a direct result of protecting the well being of foreign terrorists: anti-American.

And while I would have permitted even more than the tactics described in the linked article, it is a sign of just how anti-American these critics are that they're objecting to techniques that just scared the terrorists. They were made to believe that they would be tortured or killed, none were. And yet that is just too much for these anti-American idiots.