Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A dissenting view from the tributes for Ted Kennedy...

I think Ted Kennedy was a horrible person and the country would have been better off had he never been been a Senator.

I think the programs (welfare, high taxes, high regulation, federal government intrusion into all aspects of life) he pushed have been a net negative for America and the tactics he used were deplorable. He was the embodiment of the 'win at all costs' attitude found way too often in Washington. He was hypocritical, reckless, a drunk, a philanderer and a cheat. The expression 'born on third base and thought he hit a triple' applied far more to him than to its original target. He was given everything he had, he earned nothing on his own. He avoided taking responsibility for his actions (i.e., Kopechne).

I don't care that conservatives such as Orrin Hatch were friends with Kennedy; being friends with Kennedy makes Hatch looks worse than it makes Kennedy look good. There are some people who are so bad that they need to be avoided and those who don't do so are only proving their own shortcomings.

It is always possible that his replacement could be someone as bad or worse, but I find it hard to believe that the Senate and America won't both be mightily improved now that he's gone. Good riddance.

Mind you, I'm not rejoicing that he's dead... I'm rejoicing he's out of the Senate and can no longer do any harm.