Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is the Gates/Cambridge cop kerfuffle Obama's Sister Souljah moment... but in reverse?

Presumably, some number of Obama's white voters voted for him in part because he convinced them he wasn't a graduate of the Jesse Jackson school of racial grievances, that he wasn't someone who instinctively thought in terms of black-v-white, that he could represent 'their' interests.

And now Obama, after saying he didn't know the facts of the case, proceeds to take the black guy's side of the story and labels the officer, if not racist, as stupid (Obama's spokesman disputes that this is the conclusion one should draw from Obama saying the police acted 'stupidly'). And Obama even goes beyond the specifics of this case to offer up his views on black/police relationships in general. Note Obama didn't frame his answer as simply defending a friend accused of wrongdoing, his response directly hit on the race of those involved.

So... does this leave some of Obama's supporters wondering just how post-racial Obama really is? And if they conclude that he isn't, does their support for him and what he is trying to do whither away?