Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If any more nails needed to be hammered into the coffin that is Bush's ill-fated adventure in Iraq, it comes with news that the Iraqi government has moved against an Iraqi-based Iranian opposition group.

More than getting rid of Hussein and more than getting rid of whatever WMDs Iraq had, Bush justified the incursion (and especially so after Hussein was caught and it was determined that there were no active WMD programs) with the rationale that installing a democracy would be better for us than leaving Iraq in the hands of unelected dictators. Give the Iraqi people a democracy, Bush argued, and America would have another friend in the region, a counterweight to Iran.

Unfortunately, and as has been argued here and elsewhere previously, Bush confused democracy and shared values; one doesn't lead to the other.

So.... after the wasting of thousands of American lives and hundreds of billions of dollars, what exactly does America have to show for its efforts? A democratically elected Iraqi government that sides with our enemy.

America would have more pull with an unelected dictator who was dependent on America for support... someone who would only ask 'how high' when we told them to jump.

And by the way, the Iraqi move against the Iranian opposition group also demonstrates the folly of placing faith in the strategy of putting popular pressure on the Mad Mullahs in hopes they would be replaced with a new Iranian government that was less antagonistic to our friend (singular, not plural) in the region.

It's just one more nail into the coffin of Bush's presidency... I dare say we're in danger of running out of room for all the nails.