Thursday, July 30, 2009

I hoped this line of attacking the Democratic health care plans was on the horizon, so it's nice to see Mitch McConnell finally get around to claiming that the Democrats will finance their new insurance program at the expense of the Medicare program...

There's not much that Obama can muster up that can overcome a bunch of angry and worried seniors. They're the reason no politician has dared tamper with Social Security. They're the ones who Bush tried to pamper with his wildly expensive Medicare drug coverage. They're the ones who harassed Rostenkowski into nullifying the (relatively minor) changes the then-Democratic controlled Congress made to Medicare reimbursements. Politicians learn early to not f**k with the seniors.

In fact, I believe their power is even greater than is thought: piss off the seniors and you run the risk of losing more than just their vote, you run the risk of losing the votes of their kids who aren't going to be thrilled about having Mom and Dad asking them to help cover for what gets taken away from their aging parents.