Thursday, July 30, 2009

I don't drink but even if I did, I wouldn't be in much of a mood to have a beer with someone who in effect called me stupid and implied that I was racist. Drinking is something I do with friends... and my friends may call me lots of things but stupid ain't one of them.

If the guy who called me stupid wanted to apologize, he doesn't need me to drag myself down to DC, he could call me up and apologize. Heck, if he had the phone number of a newspaper reporter or a network anchor, he wouldn't have to call me himself, he could just ask them to pass along his apology.

And if doesn't want to apologize for calling me stupid, then what's the point of getting together? So I could listen to him defend his saying what he did? Does he think he's going to convince me he was right, that I am stupid? Ain't gonna happen.

Or does he expect to not talk about his comments? That I'm just some guy he somehow decided to have over to have a beer with? I may not be the smartest guy, but even I could figure out the guy has plenty of other people that would just love to be invited over for a beer, so I would have to figure I was being used for some kind of photo op so could rehabilitate himself with the public for his stupid comment.

All in all, I would pass.

And I am not a black Harvard professor who feels he was wrongly arrested by a racist cop, but if I were, I wouldn't be in much of a mood to have a drink with the policeman who arrested me. In fact, that would be last person I would want to have a beer with.