Thursday, July 30, 2009

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor seems to be a nice guy and reliably conservative but what was he thinking in devoting his column in the Washington Post to complaining about the number of 'czars' Obama has?

Cantor wrote for an inside Washington audience when he should have been writing to the American people as a whole and, in particular, the moderates whose votes the GOP needs in both this fall's elections as well as in 2010. Hint: moderates don't care - or vote - on the basis of how many unelected czars Obama has... nor do they care - or vote - on whether the Obama Administration is as 'transparent' as Obama said it was.

It's not that Cantor is wrong on the issue, it is just that he's not going to get any traction with it. So why waste precious space on an issue that pretty much nobody outside the beltway cares about? Why not use the space to attack Obama on health care, his bloated and ineffective stimulus and/or Obama's stupidly going after the Cambridge cop, the issues on which Obama is losing ground?

Cantor had an opportunity and he blew it. It is not a good sign when the GOP leadership picks the wrong battles.