Monday, October 08, 2007

Yes, it's only one article, and by the liberal Washington Post, but the Iraqis just aren't buying what Bush is trying to sell them...

As I like to remind all of those kool-aid drinkers who argue that the reducing levels of friendly casualties is proof that we're 'winning' in Iraq, the surge wasn't an end in of itself, it was a tactic to help accomplish Bush's pipe dream of having the Iraqis bury generations of squabbling in order to live in peace and love and harmony.

And it looks, as I have argued, that that just ain't happening. The bad history between Shiite and Sunni and Kurd are just too entrenched and too bitter for anyone to have ever thought that Bush could pull it off.

Not that Bush will ever admit he was wrong. Nor will he ever agree to pull our troops out of this silly nation building / peacekeeping in order to refocus efforts on killing the terrorists who wish us harm. As I've said before, every American soldier killed trying to keep one batch of Iraqis from trying to kill another batch of Iraqis is one less soldier available to kill the terrorists who wish to kill Americans...